The government set up a shadow contract company to create the next super soldier.Hundreds of volunteers signed up for what was to be a new trial flu vaccine, wrong. This operation consisted of infecting humans with a alien DNA called ser-ie5. Ser-ie5 is what we have been warned of through the media as what you may know it to be called.
You now will have the unique opportunity to be put through a real military style simulated drill where you have to kill the infected test subjects.

Warning: This simulator is very real and unusual. If you have any illness or heart condition please get a medical release to bring with you.

There is a house that is so sinister even the most evil beings stay away. Raven a dark mistress of the night has set up a orphanage of such townhouse all the kids and people whom she has turned. Ride through this house of horror and stake your way out. Come face to face with raven in a epic battle of good and evil and save the souls of the children before its to late. This is a American horror company exclusive dark ride that is the largest portal dark ride in the world. 7 trailer system.


Come face the spirits of the seven sees in the never done before exclusive captain kids escape room and cache treasure find. In the ghost ship you will come face to face with real dead pirates, sword fight your way through the ship into the captain's room where captain kid himself waits for your bloody soul.