About Us

The American horror company was born in 1978 and has been creating and bringing nightmares everywhere.

Our Promise:
We do not strive to be like anyone, we strive to be the best and number one, period.
We do not worry about the competition, because all competition is to us, is more customers.
We will give you greatness, we will give you originality, we will make sure that you will want to come back for more.
We will not short step or compete on cost or price.

If you want greatness and quality, that lasts over and over and over again, you want The American Horror Company.

The American Horror Company is an all American, one stop shop, to all things scary, spooky and amazing.
We specialize in horror and sci-fy themed attractions, props and dark rides.
We create 100% studio quality work.

No matter how big your project is, The American Horror Company can make your vision come to life in a Hi-Def Hollywood way.

At the American Horror Company, making monsters is our passion and we love it. This passion and pride is evident in our high quality work.

Many companies promise new props and give you used props from past projects and parks. We do not. We will not. You can buy cheap masks and props from foreign lands but they are low quality, break easily and let’s not even mention trying to return them.

You can pay ridiculous amounts of money for silicone masks that are overcharged by hundreds of dollars and deal with terrible disrespectful customer service.  Or you can just come to us and we will take care of you.

Welcome to the American horror company, “Where nightmares come true.”

We buy Halloween, horror and sci-fy collectibles and also Tin toys.
We build custom themed golf courses with a twist.
We can do digital animation and 3-D as well a our new virtual reality courses.
We do all kinds of themes but our haunted houses and graveyards are unbeatable.


We are a proud member of the IAAPA